A firm believer of design-enabled green manufacturing and having realized the potential of electro-mobility, CTech in collaboration with IITB has designed and developed sustainable and eco- friendly energy saving electrical vehicles – two wheelers, three wheelers for interior use - airports, shopping malls, IT campuses, railway stations, factories etc.
CTech strategy is based on niche EV marketing for developing micro EVs, where range can be limited, thereby reducing the battery weight and where the vehicles can go round the corner for quick dose of charging.
Electric Mobility

ECO 3-Wheeler eTrike

ECO eScooter
Demonstration vehicles were designed for minimum weight, using composite materials, optimized geometry and configuration. Two such vehicles prototypes (single seat scooter and 3-wheeler runabout (Trike) for interior application (airport, malls, IT / Industry campuses) are running for more than a year at IIT-B Campus and are now available for technology transfer to entrepreneurs looking out at new business opportunities and markets. We are happy to receive the proposals. See Tech Mart for more details.
Eco- Friendly Energy Saving Electrical Vehicles
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